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November 2013 Tutor Coffee

On Wednesday November 6th, a small but lively group of tutors met for pizza and conversation at Round Table Pizza in Grass Valley, from 1:30 to 3:30. Attendees were:

Bill DeCamp Linda Villegas
Bob Johnson Kathy Mann
Karen Anderson Diana Riley
Marlee Chamberlin Shari Coats
Ellen Hagan

Bill DeCamp Bob Johnson Karen Anderson Marlee Chamberlin Ellen Hagan Linda Villegas Kathy Mann Diana Riley Shari Coats Bill, Bob and Karen are graduates of the most recent PiELL training program, and they have all been matched with a student. They were all enthusiastic and positive about how things are going so far. Bob has been using one of the small digital voice recorders (available from the PiELL library) for his student, and finding it very helpful, since his student has limited literacy in his first language. Bob records useful English phrases along with their Spanish equivalents, and his student can then practice listening to and repeating the English at home in his free time.

Linda and Kathy are both experienced tutors, and were able to share some of their challenges and success stories with the group. Marlee and Ellen are long-time tutors as well as being Resource Tutors, and they also shared successes and challenges with us.

Marlee shared a great idea for an educational game she uses in her lessons. It’s a kind of memory game, in which she uses a set of squares with an English word printed on them, along with another set of the same size squares with pictures (downloaded from the internet) on them, corresponding to the words. For example, one square might have a picture of a garden on it, and it’s matching square would have the word “garden” on it. The pictures could also be cut from magazines or catalogs. You probably all know this type of game from childhood, where you turn all the squares to the blank sides and turn over two at a time to see if they match. If they match, you take them out, and if they don’t, you turn them back over but try to remember where they were for your next turn. Marlee and her student both enjoy this and it’s a good vocabulary review. I plan to try it with my student sometime.

Diane Riley is our new Treasurer on the PiELL Board of Directors, and she wanted to get to know some of the tutors and understand the program better. She had valuable things to add to our conversation and we were all glad to meet her and welcome her to PiELL.

If you were unable to join us this time, please try to do so next time. We generally have these informal get-togethers about a month after each Tutor Training session, and the next one will probably be in early spring. We will keep you posted.

Shari Coats
Resource Tutor