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  • Janet Bullock shared songs such as "Head and Shoulder, Knees and Toes" and some Bingo card games with us. Janet also uses a recorder to introduce words and sounds with spacing allowed for the student to repeat the new words/sounds.
  • Nancy Guenther is wonderfully resourceful in finding interesting books to introduce to her students and brought along a huge selection for us to peruse.
  • Helen Kranz has also been extremely resourceful in finding free publications and websites that she uses with her student. Look for some new listings on our website to introduce you to these tools.
  • Mimi Lofgren shared with us some of her tricks of the trade, specifically the tool she uses to teach contractions to her student. An interesting and simple take on a flash card.
  • Judi Kreinick shared several variations on the bingo game that she uses with her student, which helps him recognize the word, relate it to the picture, along with colors and numbers. This handout was provided to all.
  • Louise Beesley brought with her a great selection of books, tapes and tools from our very own resource library. Tutors were able to check out these items before departing our luncheon.
  • Then we all participated in an exercise led by Myra Arstein, utilizing pictorial poster boards, to engage ourselves in the development of questions to present to our students as an educational aid in developing their English language skills. Each of the six teams had five minutes to develop questions based on the picture provided, and it was truly amazing to see what developed in such a short period of time. Our tutors are absolutely the most creative individuals and most generous of their time and effort.
  • Judi then presented the new Student Progress Report, along with examples of how to use this. Tutors are being asked to fill in this report at least twice a year and submit it to your Resource Tutor. This report is extremely valuable for two reasons: it is an excellent tool to help keep tutor and student on track with lessons and progress and, secondly, it provides extremely valuable and necessary information that PiELL needs in order for us to apply for grants. Additional information on this Student Progress Report will be forthcoming by the end of next week via email to all tutors.
Not only did we leave the luncheon full of delicious food and cake, but we also left with new tools to use with our students, a variety of books and teaching aids available from the PiELL library, a new selection of websites locations, bingo games, poster boards, and other printed handout tools.

It will be interesting to get feedback about how our students and tutors respond to these new training tools. Thanks to all of you, we, as an organization, are flexible in how we reach our students and make their learning experience relevant to their specific needs with our one-on-one tutoring methods.