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April 2012 Tutor Coffee

Tutor Coffee notes by Marlee Chamberlin

We introduced ourselves & told how many years we have been active tutors. Some of the new tutors are doing very well with their students and are having a fun time. Other tutors have been working with their student for a few years and had great advice to share.

Here are some of the ideas that were shared:

  • New web sites used by the tutors/students:

  • Check www.PiELL.org and click on resources for other links such as www.usalearns.org

  • Question - what if a student doesn't have access to a computer? Are there DVD's available to watch/listen to?

  • Conversational practice is very important.

  • Art had his student write down phrases in Spanish that he uses with his wife and children. Art translated them into English. Then his student would practice using those common phrases with his family.

  • The new digital recorders can also be used with the tutor recording words/phrases and leaving the recorder with the student for homework practice.

  • Tutors & students like Step by Step (Paso a Paso) for beginners whose native language is Spanish.

  • Flash cards can be purchased at Rite Aid or Staples
Community resources for students:

  1. Lisa Stine teaches English on Tues. & Thurs during the day at a school on McCourtney Rd. You can obtain information about her classes at the Family Resource Center next to Hennesy School. They also have lot of other helpful information and they are bi-lingual.

  2. Art suggested "Babel No More" by Michael Erard as good reading material for tutors. "A fascinating look at the unusual ability to learn multiple languages. This opens up a new area of research in the study of giftedness."