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April 2010 Tutor Coffee

Tutor Ideas:

  • A discussion took place about the usage of lower level children's bilingual books and how they reinforce learning skills for our students when they are able to read with their children.
  • Student, Ellie Christianson, who is from Peru, is a teacher of computer skills in Spanish, should any of our students show an interest in learning computer usage. Contact Donna for information.
  • Janet Bullock shared a teaching tool she uses with animal cards to encourage students to respond correctly using verbs such as "have".
  • Louise Beesley offered the tool of checking out children's books, from the Grass Valley Library, to use with our students. Art Katz said his student reads to his daughter and they discuss the book bilingually.
  • Ellen Hagan suggested that to improve student writing skills, that we reverse the process of correcting already written student work and present to our student's incorrect written work and ask that they provide the corrections.
  • Shari Coats shared a game she plays with students called "word ping pong" used to teach sound skills. An example being the end sound of the word "milk" and having the student respond with another word with the same ending sound.