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Tutor Ideas:

  • Janet Bullock introduced us to her creation using a "Bingo" type game with letters going horizontal and different numbers under the letters. This is a great idea for a beginning level student. You could also introduce colors into this as well. Janet also records her own voice and makes up practice tapes that correspond to the lesson she is teaching her student. And she also uses a variety of pictures showing various emotions with the word for the emotion written under each face.
  • Nancy Guenther said that Wikipedia.com has some good information. She also has purchased some books she uses on Amazon.com. She sent me this info on how she uses some of her material...great ideas for creating lessons.
  • "I used the verb book during our lesson today, and the exercises were very helpful to Martha. We worked on taking sentences and making questions out of them and also making negative statements and questions along with incorporating contractions into the statements. Whew! She took the Ingles para Latinos (1st level) home and will work on it at home and return to class to go over pronunciation and anything she doesn't understand or has questions about." Nancy G.
  • Mimi Lofgren makes up flash cards that she folds to take an expression like "I have been waiting" to "I've been waiting"...very creative and a good visual.
  • Leon Bauer's student sometimes brings his child's homework to the session, and Leon helps him understand it so he can explain it to his child...talk about multiple levels of learning going on in this situation!!!
  • Another spin on "ye ole index card"...use one word per each index card; show this to the student and then s/he has to make up a sentence using that word.