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Piell Tutor Get Together Notes

October 23, 2018, 3:00 - 4:30 P.M>, Round Table Pizza

Attendees: Ellen Hagan, Bill Ososki, Wendy Hartley, Anna Villages, Ray Bryars, Sherry Davey, Susan Ellenbogen, Marlee Chamberlin, Louise Beesley

Each person introduced themselves and told the group a little about themselves and their learner.

We then went on to discuss ideas & suggestions that are working.

  • One learner recently had a baby.  Learner & tutor are working on a baby book.
  • Use flash cards for pronunciation.  Then have the student write the word.
  • Practice learners work vocabulary.
  • Field trips –Hirshman’s Pond, Empire Mine, Northstar Mining Museum.
  • Oral work – make it fun with Haiku, Robert Frost poem
  • Voyager series in the oral work section.  Voyager 3 it is great because it integrates reading and discussion. 
  • Play acting
  • Have learner “train” you to volunteer at Food Bank or IFM.
  • Make sentence samples that relate to learner.
  • Repeat patterns

Louise, our librarian brought many books from the PiELL library for us to look at and check out if we thought they were appropriate for our learner.