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Piell Tutor Get Together Notes

June 6, 2017 3:00 – 4:30 Round Table Pizza

Attendees: Ellen Hagan, Bill Ososki, Sherry Davey, Christie Gillison, Jim Peters, Anna Villegas, Chris Newsom, Stephen Martin, Marlee Chamberlin and Louise Beesley

Each person introduced themselves and told the group a little about themselves and their learner.

We then went on to discuss ideas & suggestions that are working.

  • Using “Google Translate” if your learner texts you in their native language.
  • Fun to use “Google Earth” if you have access to Wi-Fi to show the learner where they live.
  • Watch Spanish movies with English subtitles.
  • Movies to watch in English: “East Side Sushi”, “Ramen Girl”
  • A few tutors said their learners were having trouble speaking. It was decided that a lack of confidence is part of the issue. Repetition is an effective remedy.

Louise brought several books from the PiELL library. Some were free to take and others were to be checked out. Several levels of The Voyager Series were donated and available to take and don’t need to be returned. She also had some good suggestions on recent additions to the library. “From Home to School” has several levels. “English For Everyday Activities” has an emphasis on verbs. Activist/history series of reading books such as “Caesar Chavez”.

Anna explained her strategy for building on her learner’s interests and reviewing skills. As her learner speaks, Anna takes notes on what is said. At home she makes up sentences using the information her learner shared and the skills that have been taught. Then during the next session, they go over the sentences. It reinforces the learning and builds confidence.

We want to thank those tutors who attended. People have expressed their belief that the information is useful. It’s our hope that next time, more tutors will avail themselves of this opportunity to share ideas.