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Piell Tutor Get Together Notes

May 4, 2016 Round Table Pizza

Attendees: Shari Coats, Jay Schuff, Marlee Chamberlin, Sherry Davey, Christie Gillison, Norema Strongin, Susie Trant, Ellen Hagan, Ray Bryars, Jim Peters, Jerry Thomas, Dyane Albrecht and Greta Broda

Tutors introduced themselves and told a bit about their experience with their learners. Attendees included beginning tutors who'd just gone through the most recent training and more experienced folks.

Jerry described conversations with his learner about construction, which highlighted the importance of making lessons relevant.

The need for pronunciation practice came up.

Working with "minimal pairs" is effective, and there are materials in our PiELL library you can check out and use.

Shari mentioned an interesting app she downloaded; National Geographic Atlas. It puts the earth on your smart phone and can be manipulated to easily find any spot on the globe and zoom in, so that you and your student can find their home, for instance.

Picture dictionaries and regularly reviewing flash cards are useful for vocabulary building.

Stirling biographies on a junior high level are interesting to more advanced students.

Jay shared a fun game What's in the Bag? The learner asks questions to discover what Jay has put in a bag.

Bananagrams and concentration games are fun.

Magazine pictures can be used to stimulate conversation.

Challenge students to watch TV for homework.

Ellen talked about an effective activity that integrates speaking and reading practice while the tutor and learner to discuss a subject together. "My family" is an example. The tutor writes down what the learner says, correcting the grammar as needed. The learner then reads the paragraph at the end. The next session the learner reads the paragraph again and another paragraph is written together. If this is done regularly over time, these personal paragraphs can be used in many ways to build various skills.

If you couldn’t make it to this enjoyable session, do try to attend the one in the fall, about a month after the next New Tutor Training.